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I am likewise interested in the contributes of learned magic as well as popular magic to Western Esotericism. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. He became famous in the city for having designed an ingenious device to protect Venice from floods inand had started a flourishing trade of minerals. The author tries provides a theory by investigating diverse traditions, such as the Qliphothic Qabalah, Vamachara Tantrism, with notes on Slberto witchcraft. And an even more interesting detail, in point no.

La via oscura

Their proposals, alas, reveal themselves to be inconsistent and impossible to realize: Giusto reported that the members of the sect were 85, divided into two orders: He anyway died in Venice insome suggest by the hand of Spanish thugs. This work in Italianusing instruments belonging to History socura Religions, of Ideas and of Philosophy, has the aim of defining the dark tradition using the principles of Kabbalah and Tantrism, trying to find the common themes of this heretic way to divine.

Federico Gualdi only could decide to albdrto teach the secrets that were held in the higher circle.


Andreae himself had stayed for a while in Venice injust after the publication of the original edition of the Ragguagli. Gualdi established a group with one foot in the mythical past of the Rosy Cross and another in a proto-Masonic society of esoteric teachings and mutual assistance, a forerunner of the type of the charismatic leader and a genuinely mysterious character, present in politics, trade and esotericism alike. Rosicrucianism and the religious-political struggle in Europe.

Alberto Brandi La Via Oscura. Ironically, their destinies, at the opposite ends of the 17th century, would also be radically different.

It is interesting also to notice that by the time the Fama and the Reformation were published no official German translation had appeared yet.

The first German one saw the light inwhile an English one had to wait until apberto The reason why the authors of the Manifestoes included a fragment of a work from an Italian satiric and anti-Spanish writer leaves room for plenty of speculation.

The trial was immediately interrupted and the accused were acquitted of all accusations.

La via oscura : Alberto Brandi :

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A late, heretic manifestation of Rosicrucianism in Venice? Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The remainder contains the documents attached to the Fama, which in the intentions of the authors would have completed the message of the main text. One of the major aims of this work is understanding if the Left Hand Path is a post-modernist invention or its roots can actually be traced back in original sources and practices.


It is my intention to highlight two distant yet related events involving the convergence of politics, esotericism and Rosicrucianism in Venice in a time span of several decades.

The mentioned Fama Fraternitatis only albwrto 30 pages in this octavo-page tome. Much data, not many certainties and lots of speculation: Power politics, espionage, murder, treason, sometimes under the aegis of allegedly ancient traditions and mystical prophecies: First of all, the presence of this translation constitutes an important element for those advocating a precise political plan in the doctrinal corpus of the Rosy Cross.

la via oscura

Much was still to be told about his later exploits abroad, but this is material for further studies. Thanks to this prominent role in commerce he came to know many rich entrepreneurs, among which figured Francesco Giusto. Btandi third manifesto, the Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosenkreutz. Boccalini was an anti-catholic political author.

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Alberto Brandi (Author of La Via Oscura)

It is imagined that Apollyon holds court and all ancient and modern personalities talk to him, regretting the state of things. I am currently studying European witchcraft to investigate its relationship to concepts such as initiation and spiritual evolution.

But the religious ecumenism of the author is easily inferred.

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