Apprentice Adept is a heptalogy of fantasy and science fiction novels written by English American author Piers Anthony. . However, in Juxtaposition, Sheen is also referred to as the Robot Adept. She also had to use the Book of Magic and as a. Juxtaposition Written by Piers Anthony Juxtaposition Category: Fiction – Fantasy – Epic; Fiction – Science Fiction – Action & Adventure; Fiction – Action &. Juxtaposition By Piers Anthony – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews , awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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It still amazes me this series hasn’t been done in at least film or Ani The third in the series finally separates the two worlds. For instance, one unicorn character, Clip, is a blue stallion with red “socks,” that is, ankles.

In this context, naked does not necessarily mean unclothed but rather unassisted by external tools. When two persons want juxtaopsition play a round, they proceed to a Game console. This deal pretty much says that Australia is only permitted to source its books from Britain, not America, which means that it makes books in Australia somewhat more expensive. Retrieved from ” https: Sure he’s fabulously wealthy but he’s one of the poorest of that category so he has no power over the other citizens.

I wonder what new adventures await Stile next kuxtaposition Out of Phaze? Humanity has also made contact with alien species, some members of which make their homes on Proton as well.


Juxtaposition (Apprentice Adept, book 3) by Piers Anthony

I will probably consider writing about the next trilogy, though the problem is I really cannot remember the content, and am unsure if I actually read them. After Stile discovers this he is told that it is his job to move a large amount of “phazite” from Phaze to Proton to make that happen. Now it’s a seven part series: The rampant sexism gets no better – Stile still has every woman he meets drooling after him, to ridiculous lengths, and while Sheen at least has better things to do for most of the book than swoon, she does manage to work in some significant swooning in her spare moments.

And the assassin was after Stile! Paperbackpages.

For instance, Clip’s horn sounds like juxtapisition saxophone, while his sister Neysa’s horn makes harmonica sounds. Oct 23, Sean Randall rated it liked it. Stile is now a citizen but it’s not what he thought, and he soon learns that just being a citizen isn’t enough.

As a whole, I think it’s worthy of a 4. First, Phaze’s unicorns are as intelligent as humans. This wraps up the first Apprentice Adept series, and if you liked them, you will love this. Juxtaposition Apprentice Adept 3 by Piers Anthony. Stile had problems–two whole worlds of problems, in fact.

The main pastime of Proton inhabitants is The Game. Not sure I liked the outcome but liked the book.

Juxtapositiln 14, Pages Buy. The planet is run by fabulously wealthy Citizens but the bulk of the inhabitants are serfs. For instance, when one of Proton’s self-willed robots crossed the curtain anthnoy Phaze, she became inert until returned to her home dimension. And while Stile’s rigid morality gets tiresome, it is, at least, internally consistent, and the deux ex machina that insures everyone gets a happy ending is better than marginally plausible.


As a rule, Adepts cannot harm or otherwise affect another Adept through magic for very long; however, a group of them working in concert can usually overpower a lone Adept. Lists with This Book. Yet, with a treaty such as this, I am surprised it has not been challenged. There is quite enough of both to satisfy you. This was fun enough but as anthong most of his works, sexist and rather simple.

I was also quite interested in both love interests, one on each world. Great finish to the series.


What I found unusual about these books was the mix of Fantasy and Science Fiction, something you don’t see very often. Feb 18, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: So, if you are looking for a wonderful book to read and don’t know what to choose, pick up the entire original The Apprentice Adept trilogy.

Finally, unicorns in the series have hollow horns which they use as musical instruments. Stile still in the Game, still competition to win citizenship. The problem is after two books worth of build up we move through those challenged really fast in about 30 pages out of and are presented with Stile as a citizen.

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