This rare treatise has been out of print since Most people will do all they can to avoid affliction, but do very little to avoid sin. In 67 chapters, Burroughs. The eighth book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a treatise of the evil of evils, or the exceeding sinfulness of sin. Wherein is shewed, 1 There is more evil in the. Jeremiah Burroughs () – A Popular Independent Puritan Preacher and a Member of the Westminster Assembly. Taken from “The Evil of Evils”.

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So here, If the weight of Sin were so grievous to Christ that had no distemper of weakness, how grievous will it be to a sinner that is distempered, and so weakened with sin? I say, thy sin was that which pierced Christ, and brought forth blood and water from him; it was that which whipt Christ; it was that which put Christ to death, that shed the blood of Christ, that crucified Christ.

The Evil of Evils

While one of the most distinguished of the English Independents, he was one of the most moderate, acting consistently in accordance with the motto on his study door in Latin and Greek: Burroughs pursued peace to the end. Oh that I should be so miserable to bear in my Bowels one an Enemie to the eil blessed God!

ecils By Sin the Soul doth rise against God. For hereby I come to see, as it were, the present evil of Sin; the other is but onlie a sight of the evil of Sin to come; as when a man or woman looks upon Sin as bringing Hell, that is but onlie to look upon that evil of Sin that is to come hereafter. A man is in a sad condition if he have jeremia divers thousands of men come to plead burroubhs him, and these cry out for Justice, justice, upon him! Now because the Ark was a holy thing, and none but the Priests of God were to meddle with it, God did presently at an instant slay fiftie thousand, and three score and ten men of them: Certainly if but one drop of sin should get into Jsremiah, the infinite Being of God would instantly cease to be.

Come and hear the Word, I thought lightly of sin before, now I have gone and heard, and God hath shewed me what it was; Oh that God would make you see: Because there is no Attribute abused to be an Abettor to Sin, more than the Mercie of God is; and its abused and made to harden the hearts of men and women in Sin, no Attribute so much abused.

The Evil of Evils, or the Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

Certainlie did you know what sin were, and how against God, it would cost you a great deal of travail when you see your Children wicked, and much prayer and cost, that you might not have a Child an Enemie to God, a Traitor to the Crown, Scepter, and Dignitie of Jesus Christ.


Edmunds, and in burrougus rector of Tivetshall, Norfolk. Give me but that man or woman that have gone on in waies of sin, that have imagined they have wronged God so much; that they have done so much against the infinite eternal glorious God. In times of sickness, the soul apprehends it self in danger of perishing, I am now going, I see my self at the brink of the Pit; now the soul is troubled for sin, but when the danger appeareth to be a little over, the trouble for sin ceaseth.

Indeed God is not a Body that we can strike through him with our hands; but God is a Spirit, and so the Spirits of men may by their sins strike through God Himself: Sin is most opposite to Mans Good; evilz far more opposite to the Good of man than Affliction. Sinner, Man or woman doest thou know God, that infinite glorious eternal God, with whom thou hast to do? This is the sore displeasure of God against them, that God Oc say should not look upon the Angels that he hath made glorious Creatures, the most excellent of all the work of his hands: Jeremaih, perhaps thou darest not do it before a Child of six years old, and yet darest do it before the face of the infinite blessed God, if a man should be afraid to do a thing before any Servant in his house, the very Scullion of the Kitchin, and yet when he comes before the King, doth it there; were not this a wrong to his Majesty, that any dare be so bold before him?

He may take occasion to bring good out of sin committed: This is the strongest way and means I can shew you to break your hearts.

The Exceedingly Sinfulness of Sin

This is the First general Head, nothing is so opposite to God as Sin: Are there not many Servants here, or Children, wil tel a Lye when they have done an evil rather than suffer a little shame in the Family from their Parents, or Masters, or fellow Servants, and Children.

All other humiliations in the world is not sufficient without this. If God have shewed himself, and given hopes of mercie, and that he hath pardoned me; this will certainly prevail with any heart that God hath turned: Promises to the Poor in Spirit Matthew 5: Chris Dunn rated it liked it Aug 13, Quotes from The Evil of Evils And looking downward to thine own miserie, and what thou hast deserved by sin.

And I beseech you seriously attend to what shall be delivered in these, for I hope before I have done to make it appear to every ones Conscience that shall vouchsafe to read, attend, and consider what I say, that sin is another manner of business than the World thinks it to be. Now there is great wrong done to that blessed God, who is goodness it self; for any Creature to hold this forth, That there is not sufficient good there, but that the Creature must be fain to seek for it elswhere out of God.


Oh that God would convince al our hearts of these things. Though other Points be controverted, yet none that know Gods Word make question of this, this is cleerlie granted of all.

But how is this in every Sin? This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Fourthly, There is no good anexed to sin as is to affliction: For thou venturest the loss of God that thou maiest have thy sinful way. Michaelpatrick Keena rated it really liked it Apr 13, This one is simply amazing. Did God when from all Eternity he intended to make such a Creature as thou art, to live in such a time in such a place, and preserved thee all this while from such dangers at Sea, or at Land I say, did God aim at no other end but this that thou shouldest live to do thus?

Rules and Helps to Christian Meekness Matthew 5: Second, from toBurroughs was rector of Tivetshall, Norfolk, a church that still stands today.

I say Sin is most opposite to God. Why might Saul say Lord, have mercy upon me, is this such rebellion? Affliction hath the good of Evidence: FOurthly, If this be so, that sin is so much against God, doth so much wrong God, Hence then we have all cause to stand and admire at the infinite patience of the great God that shall behold so much sin in the world from such poor wretched vile Creatures, and yet shall bear it: If all the strength of all the men that ever were since the beginning of the world, and all the Angels in Heaven were put into one, and he had but that weight upon him that Christ had, it would have made him sink down into eternal despair: There is no Age but hath some one or other dreadful example of His Judgments against Sin.

Oh know the Mediator by which you must be saved must be very God; and the Reason is, Because sin hath done such infinite wrong to God.

Many men plead thus, Who can challenge me and say, I have wronged them in al my life; they think this enough: Many of you when it comes to it burroufhs be loather to loose a groat than commit a sin, loather to endure the least shame or a nick-name, than to commit a sin: Motives to Show Mercy Matthew 5: This led to division between the Presbyterians and Independents.