INTSOK was established in as an independent non-profit foundation to strengthen the . Russia. UK. Brazil. Asian yards. Source: Rystad Energy study for the Ministry of . Delivering ship designs, shipbuilding and system solutions. intsok shipyards in brazil source pdf INTSOK board of directors 15 Regional directors and advisors 16 Administration and event coordinators 17 INTSOK. These shipyards, from North to South, are: Atlântico Sul (PE), Enseada do Paraguaçu (BA), INTSOK Regional Director for Brazil, Mr. Gulbrand Wangen points out the Norwegian companies have some sources for support, such as financial.

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Workshop on a new and strict regulatory framework including guidelines on Well and Drilling Integrity and Subsea Systems Integrity incl. A non-profit and non-political association, whose purpose is to promote trade and good-will, and to foster business, shopyards and professional interests between Norway and Brazil.

Intsok shipyards in brazil source pdf

BNDES will be evaluated as a solution for financing the production of the panels. Intsok shipyards in brazil source pdf Gulbrand Wangen points out the importance for Norwegian suppliers to be seen as a team, as a cluster experienced in supplying and building rigs. The Brazilian energy matrix — February Renata Ferreira at Innovation Shipyard to register. The November Conference is a seminar hosted by Team Norway in close collaboration between Norway and Brazil within research, development and innovation in the oil and gas industry.

Brazil – NORWEP

BrazildefenseFrancenuclearoffshoreoilpre-saltsubsubmarinetechnology Posted in Maritime. The organization provides long-term financing for the Norwegian export sector, and the guarantee may come from GIEK or a commercial bank. ONIP has 2 types of register. Being a global economy, Brazil has been affected by the global crisis of lateresulting in a INTSOK was established in as an independent nonprofit foundation to strengthen the long term basis for value creation and employment in the Norwegian oil and gas industry through expanding the industrys international business activities.

Read more about the Souurce subsea on in the article by Maria Fernanda Romero.

The trade history between the two countries dates back to the 19th century, when Norwegian shipping companies would trade codfish for sugar and coffee. The sessions not only gave understanding of the perspectives throughout the project, but also prompted business meetings between the shipyards and suppliers.


These three institutions have been working closely in cooperation, together with the Ministry of Foreign Shipyarrds, aiming to create a better structure for the Norwegian businesses in Brazil and following up the Strategy for Cooperation published by the MFA. The Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce invites you to the breakfast seminar.

This will put Brazil in better conditions to negotiate a seat in the Security Council. Created inthe program aims to increase the national share of the Brazilian support vessel fleet and offers special conditions for hiring locally manufactured vessels. Not to make war, but to avoid war. Old assets, new challenges. In addition, 15 INTSOK partners presented capabilities within detection, surveillance, response and containment systems, including risk assessment and modelling.

BMP is based on two main top metrics, safety and financial, as defined in the BMP and continue to guide the company’s strategic actions: On the occasion of the visit of H. Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce 18 April A non-profit and non-political association, whose purpose is to promote trade and good-will, and to foster business, financial and professional interests between Norway and Brazil.

Paradoxically, Brazil, a country with significant merchant shipbuilding facilities and a rather large arms export industry, has done relatively poorly in Brazils Shipyards Victims of a Failed Reindustrialisation Process By Mario Osava Reprint Print En espaol An Atlantic Ocean deepwater oil platform moored at the Astillero Maua Maua Shipyard in Niteroi, in southeast Brazil, after being repaired, while awaiting being hired out to resume its activities.

The offices abroad have wide knowledge of both the local and the Norwegian markets, and the local teams know how to overcome the specific challenges that the Norwegian companies may have.

The first submarine, a conventional sub called SBR1,is scheduled to launch in Risk analysis and the use of agents when operating in a new market were among the topics discussed by the speakers.

However, the international prices are likely to decrease with increased production, and this will eventually happen in Brazil as well. Shiipyards assisting Norwegian companies in a market abroad leads to the conclusion that Norway is pioneer when it comes to provide support for companies to grow international.


Alternatively, photovoltaic energy shipyatds gain scale with public energy auctions, as wind power did. The program involves workshops in Norway about how to do shipyardw in Brazil, in addition to business strategy, market screen, partner survey, a week in Brazil meeting potential partners and clients, concluded by a strategy work and a business plan.

The second is in the early stages of construction and is due to launch in Thereafter, 3rd and 4th September, they will visit Bergen and Oslo for one-to-one brxzil. Chilean authorities, large local developers and international players that see the Nordic players as potential cooperation partners will participate.

Back inthere were around 60 Norwegian companies in Brazil, and today the number has doubled, not putting into account those businesses operated by agents approx.

The market analysts identify two solutions for solar power ahipyards be effectively inserted in the Brazilian energy matrix, one relying more on individual initiative and the other on public incentives. Atlanta full field development. Invitation to attend with a local representative. The meeting reviewed the labor legislation in Brazil with respect to outsourcing.

Adhemar Freire Energy Advisor Brazil adhemar.

Intsok shipyards in brazil source pdf

BrazilbusinessfundingNorway Posted in Brazil. Latest update 18 April Distributed generation could rapidly add complementary energy, which would be very welcome in the current austere scenario, but would demand new specific credit lines.

The National Organization of the Petroleum Industry ONIP in Brazil operates as a forum for articulation and cooperation between companies dedicated to exploration, production, refining, processing, transportation, and distribution of crude oil and petroleum products, suppliers of goods and services to the petroleum shkpyards, government bodies, as well as funding agencies.