View and Download ROCKTRON INTELLIFEX user manual online. bit digital effects processor. INTELLIFEX Music Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download ROCKTRON INTELLIFEX LTD user manual online. BIT DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSOR. INTELLIFEX LTD Music Equipment pdf manual . Rocktron INTELLIFEX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Rocktron INTELLIFEX User Manual.

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Page 47 Program mapping allows for an Intellifex preset number to be mapped or assigned to a different MIDI program number.

Front Panel Some of the controls on the Intellifex Online front panel have more than one function, dependent upon what mode the unit is currently operating in. Principle of Operation A.

Never connect the outputs of a power amplifier or guitar amplifier to the inputs of the Intellifex Online. For more information manua, other Rocktron products, please see your local dealer or one of our importers closest to you listed on the enclosed warranty sheet. Presets 1 to 80 editable and savable Presets 81 to are the same, but factory presets so no changes are allowed.

The ducked delays, while not delays, are superb. EN, EN This means that this product has been designed to meet stringent guidelines on how much RF energy it can emit, and that it should be immune from other sources of interference when properly used. Mixer Function parameter list.

Do not expose this unit to excessive heat. Turning the PRESET control while in this mode will step through each preset, displaying each preset’s configuration instead of its preset number and title. Got it, continue to print. If I had to find some real faults with the unit, it would be that the pitch is not intelligent and the noise gate is a bit dated.



Page 23 This allows for use of the Pitch parameter with an expression controller such as a volume pedal used with a Rocktron Midi Mate foot controller to change the pitch by remote means and provides smooth pitch change when the controller is used. If a factory preset is altered and you wish to store it, the Intellifex Online will automatically default to a user preset number exactly 80 less than the factory preset number selected when the STORE button is pressed to initiate the store procedure i.

The Intellifex Online offers two types of pitch change effects: Eight different reverb types are provided, along with up to mS of predelay. Page 3 Contents 1. Page 16 This effect is often used on drums particularly snare drums to produce the effect of a much fatter percussive sound.

Page 12 Never connect the outputs of a power amplifier or guitar amplifier to the inputs of the Intellifex Online.

It is not a multi-purpose quite young, but has lost none of its prestige. This could damage the Intellifex Online.

Storing modified parameter values 2 intelllifex To store altered parameter values, press the STORE button while the effect title or parameter is displayed to start the store procedure. This control should be set relative to the levels of the Left and Right Direct intellifeex. Selecting a “Power On” preset The Intellifex allows you to select the preset which that be recalled each time the unit is turned on.


Don’t have an account? Any of the user presets may be dumped.

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Page 2 Do not expose this unit to excessive heat. Never connect the outputs of a power amplifier or guitar amplifier to the inputs of the Intellifex Online. The quality of the effects is much higher, while being more transparent, it does not change the sound of the amp! Each preset allows for up to 8 controllers. Turn this control to the effect to be modified. Pitch Change effects involve splitting the input signal into at least two separate signals, then modifying the pitch of one intellifex and mixing it back together with the unaltered direct signal.

The duck blocking tool is the delay or reverb for your game, and that frees him once we let it ring is super helpful is super realistic. The display will alternate One feature not usually mentioned about the original Intellifex intelliffex that it actually has a jack for bypassing the unit via a footswitch.

The Intellifex Online Hush; Reverb configuration offers 8 different reverb types: