Psicología de la Personalidad. 2. Trabajó al principio sobre inteligencia, proponiendo la existencia de una inteligencia fluida y una inteligencia cristalizada. Raymond Cattell. xilenasanchezpallares. Raymond Cattell. La distinción entre inteligencia fluida y cristalizada. Xilena Y. Sánchez P. Biografía. Nació 20 de. A inteligência fluida foi medida pelo teste das Matrizes Progressivas de Raven e pelo Cattell’s free-culture test, a inteligência cristalizada foi medida pela Escala.

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Training is effective in strategy learning which is in the core of solving matrices problems. Psychoticism, Extraversion and lay scale were related to measurements of fluid and crystallized intelligence. Por el contrario, la inteligencia cristalizada ihteligencia define como la capacidad de utilizar el conocimiento y la experiencia aprendidos.

Inteligencia Fluida e Inteligencia Cristalizada by Sumara Otero on Prezi

Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale Raven et al. A result such as this can be explained with the effect of evaluation of students and training leader.

According to Carpenter, Just and Shell Raven’s Progressive Matrices measure analytical intelligence, that is the ability to reason and produce a solution for problems involving new pieces of information, without extensive use of an ineligencia store of declarative knowledge.

Based on the results gained in our study, and in line with the quotation of Strelau et al.

Then there is no objective way of sorting out the truth except through scientific research. View Ideas submitted by the community. In addition, measurements obtained by dynamic intelligence testing are the additional fuida constructs that can contribute to the explanation of the correlation between personality and intelligence.


With regard to definition of crystallized intelligence Stankov,crystallized abilities are typically measured by vocabulary test. Personality and Individual Differences, 6On the other side, students who are more sociable, could be more accepted by their teachers, and their activity in school context leads them in more favorable position for cognitive development than introverts.

In accordance with the two-level model and the results of previous research we expect that the correlation between PEN personality dimensions and fluid and crystallized intelligence will be statistically significant. According to investment hypothesis derived from Cattel’s investment theory and elaborated in detail by Snow and Ackerman, personality traits can have long-term effects on intellectual abilities development, especially on crystallized intelligence.

Test anxiety, attention, and the general problem of anxiety. There are different quantitative and qualitative differences in personality and intellectual functioning between adults and adolescents.

Horn y Cattell: inteligencia fluida y cristalizada (16)

It is interesting that Neuroticism is negatively related to learning potential. The sentiment brings together attitudes, in fact, with several different ergic roots, but only one source of learning. Furnham and Medhurst have determined that the high Psychoticism is related with weaker working habits, lower motivation and seminar engagement. Besides, Furnham et al. It is interesting that correlation between psychoticism and fluid intelligence is higher than correlation between psychoticism and crystallized intelligence.

Theoretical and empirical relationships between personality and intelligence. Before and after training, Raven’s progressive matrices are cristalizwda used. Los rasgos de personalidad fueron medidos por el Cristwlizada Eysenck Personality Questionnaire. Pygmalion – 25 years after interpersonal expectations in the classroom.

Raymond Cattell

Relation of personality dimensions to social and intellectual factors in children. Sociability and activity, as components of extraversion, and the absence of Psychoticism, are positively related to new experience, greater stimulation, and higher levels of cognitive stimulation, which, in turn, may result in higher levels of cognitive aptitude. Login to enter a peer comment or grade. The effects of dynamic testing procedures on Raven Matrices performance, visual search behavior, test anxiety and test orientation.


Broad versus narrow personality traits in predicting academic performance of adolescents. A theoretical account on the processing in the Raven progressive matrices test. It is plausible that the students who participated in our research have not estimated the SPM tasks as demanding as the tasks of Culture fair intelligence test, and it led to the result by which Neuroticism is not related to fluid intelligence measured by SPM.

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American Psychologist, 52Groups of students were included in the training by EPA-2 materials. Estimating one’s own personality and intelligence scores. A one-year longitudinal study. Learning potential measurement is the result of learning potential assessment, rapidly developing approach of interactive, test-intervention-retest model of psychological assessment, with important practical usage especially in the field of education.

Detailed review of research results and of the interpretation of relationship between personality and intelligence could be found at Saklofske and ZeidnerSternberg and RuzgisCollis and Messick and Chamorro-Premuzic and Furnhamand in meta-analytical studies of Ackerman fluda Heggestad and Austin et al.

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