Peningkatan Kualitas Bungkil Inti Sawit Dengan Fermentasi Terhadap Aktivitas Enzim Dan Kandungan Zat Makanan. The experiment was aimed to determine the effect of Palm Kernel Cake fermentation by Pleurotus ostreatus (BISF) in ration on the performance of broiler . Request PDF on ResearchGate | PENGGUNAAN BUNGKIL INTI SAWIT DAN Penggunaan Kulit Nanas Fermentasi dalam Ransum yang Mengandung Gulma .

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Products during growth process, besides enzyme, were extracellular enzyme protein and protein from microbial metabolism that induced the in- creasing crude protein [19]. Click here to sign up. Accordingly, mineral content before and after fermentation would be detected in form of ash with the same amount.

The effect of four levels palm kernel meal in broiler diets.

Prinsip dan Prosedur Statistika. Dua perlakuan pretreatment, yaitu: The first factor was inoculums dosage: Digitized by USU digitial library. PKC cell wall components con- sisted of Lignin had a strong bond with polysaccharide and cell wall protein of plant, therefore the compound was indigestible during digestion. Result showed that fermentation increased crude protein level of palm kernel cake from Nutritional evaluation of palm kernel meal types: Evaluasi pemanfaatan BIS yang difermentasi Aspergillus niger hidrolisat intk bulu ayam dan suplementasi mineral Zn dalam ransum ayam pedaging.


The difference fermentasii also likely to occur due to material type and condition, and PKC extrac- tion process.

Fermentation process sawitt degrada- tion in certain enzymes against the indigestible materials, cel- lulose and hemicellulose for instance, into simple glucose. Coumaryl alcohol and synapil alcoholwere served as the precursor. Supplementation of protein amino acids mixture or cassava leaf meal prior to fermentation increased the crude protein, true protein, some essential amino acids and reduced the crude fibre contents of the fermented PKC. Hemi- cellulose hydrolysis produced pentose and hexose [5].

Pemanfaatan jasad renik dalam hasil sampingan atau sisa-sisa produk pertanian.

Palm Kernel Cake Fermented with Candida utilis for Mannose-Enriched Local Feed Supply

Protein digestion and absorption in young chick and turkey, J. Similar Articles in this Journal.

Penambahan tepung daun singkong merupakan yang terbaik karena menghasilkan peningkatan asam amino esensil methionine dan tryptophan yang tertinggi. Lignin statistical value in fermented PKC was not significant.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The increasing ash content in FPKC was mostly due to mineral supplementation on substrate medium. Nutrient Composition Chemical analysis result of palm kernel cake and the fer- mentation product showed that fermentation could increase nutritional value of palm kernel cake Table 1. Penelitian Terapan 9 3: Average dry matter of PKC was higher than that of FPKC, demonstrating that during fermentation, organic compound was degraded into simpler compound in which water was re- leased.


Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner During fermentation, lipolysis occurred due to the fat consumed by the leaven for its growth some catalysis reactions induced by lipase enzyme was hydrolysis, ester- synthesis and alcoholysis [21].

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One alternative to improve feed quali- ty was solid substrate fermentation using mold that enabled fermentasj of indigestible material to be more available and eventually increased nutritional value. It was concluded that fermented Palm Kernel Cake product provided essential nutritional values for poultry hemicellulose, mannane and mannose that potentially improved poultry health. Hasil menunjukkan sawiy pretreatment dengan autoclaving menghasilkan kandungan protein kasar dan protein sejati produk fermentasi BIS yang lebih tinggi dibanding dengan dikukus.

Gadjah Mada University Press. The decreasing NFE showed the assigned carbohydrate as carbon compound in cell building synthesis.

The role of humic acid in palm kernel cake fermented by Aspergillus niger for poultry ration.