Electrochemical deburring (ECD) and Electrochemical grinding (ECG) is an adaptation of Electrochemical Machining (ECM) process. In thermal deburring, the process difficulties can be eliminated because the Electrochemical deburring is based on the principle of the anodic. Contactless deburring with ECM – electro-chemical machining: It is fair to describe the electro-chemical machining (ECM) process as economically highly viable.

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As electrolyte is present in the container the burr gets detached from the workpiece and this burr get dissolved in the electrolyte in the container. Ensuring pprocess cathode is made out of electrically conductive materials.

The tool has two parts: Visit our about section to know more. Published hundreds of articles on various engineering topics. While the bottom part of the tool is insulated eledtrochemical avoid the contact of tool with the workpiece. Electrochemicall email address will not be published. In industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical, precision finishing of machined parts is critical to the refinement of end product performance levels. The tool is placed in between the two work pieces.

A typical cycle time in ECD is less than a minute.

The shape of the cathode determines the final shape of the workpiece or the impression imaging placed upon the workpiece. Learn how your comment data is processed. Instead of cutting metal using hardened tooling, material is removed more efficiently by an electrochemical process.

ME Mechanical Team https: The electrolyte solution transfers charge in the gap between the cathode and workpiece, which causes deburrinh transfer from the workpiece to remove surface material.

Workpieces with complex geometries often contain machining sectors that are difficult to get at. Don’t fill this field! We’re here for you Do you have questions or need more detailed information regarding this machine? The tool is given a negative charge while the work piece is given as a positive charge.


The workpiece material must be corrosion resistant. Dear Sir, We are looking for purchase electrochemical procfss machine, kindly contact us. In this article, we learn about the electrochemical deburring, its working process, advantages and all insights. Deburring and electro-chemical Deburring Deburring does not count as a core process in machining.

Only then will it electtochemical possible to remove burrs economically and with precision. The fixture including the tool cathode is a critical element of the ECM process because its properties and shape determine where and how much material is removed from the workpiece.

I have read and understand the data protection information for contact by EMAG. In the case of the EMAG Group, machining, automation and deburring are all covered by their firmly established technologies. The effects of component stress as a result of the manufacturing process are also a concern for components that will be functioning under extreme operating conditions. In this way, we get the required shape of the workpiece.

You benefit from our speed and global branch offices.

Deburring and electro-chemical Deburring

Manufacturing high-precision surfaces and deburring in an efficient manner with minimal workpiece finishing time is a primary objective of manufacturing engineers working in fields such as aerospace, transportation and energy. Workpiece material is removed only at precisely defined locations. Our team of manufacturing professionals will work with you to determine the best possible tooling design for your project.

The result is a much higher grinding ratio. ECM is an ideal deburring process for parts where burrs are difficult to reach or machine using conventional methods, and it eliminates the challenge of secondary burr formation.

Trust our experts to manage these key process considerations: Again and again this has led to the machining processes being optimally coordinated, whilst the cost-effectiveness of the system as a whole suffered, owing to the fact that deburring was not taken into consideration as being part of the process chain right from the word go.


Because ECM is a dissolution process, no primary or secondary burrs are generated. Providing short circuit detection at the DC source. An example is the treatment for gears. The cathode is designed to maintain a gap between itself and the workpiece surface. Some of you may have a question like which electrolyte we must use in this process?

Creates a defined edge rounding. The methods used up to now – mechanical or thermal processes, or water jet technology – have not achieved the intended productivity levels, nor the desired reproducibility and cost-effectiveness. Our machines improve the precision of finished product profiles with complete processing in a fraction of the time required by other methods.

In deburring process, we eliminate the unwanted material which is produced during the machining process. What is Induction Hardening? The dressing of the grinding wheel is required much less frequently.

Electrochemical deburring

The process time is fast as compared to conventional methods and multiple parts per cycle can be machined resulting in a lower unit cost of production. Using the electro-chemical deburring process instead of conventional deburring methods mechanical or water jet procesz has reduced costs quite significantly and made it possible to match the cycle time to the start-up and production phase by scaling the electro-chemical deburring process to suit the desired output rate.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. To prevent this, it is important to define the machining direction right from the start, when choosing the operating process and the process sequence.