HVCA DW August 16, | Author: pheed5 | Category: Duct (Flow), Specification (Technical Standard), Screw, Building, Building Engineering. DW/ is recognised throughout the UK as the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation. It came into being in when it replaced. Kent Ductwork manufactures standard galvanised ducting to the DW specifications, which achieves all of the current BS, EN & ISO standards.

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Accreditation is not mandatory. Occupants can leave the construction works or be rescued by other means. Enquiries should be made of the relevant organisation, at the contact details quoted.

Single compartment smoke extraction ducts. Stainless Steel also finds application in exposed ductwork where the finish can be used for aesthetic reasons.

Kent Ductwork Manufacturer Of Galvanised Ductwork DW

The tested duct assembly is judged against five performance criteria. The Director is not usually responsible for the physical updating of company knowledge on legislation, more often this is the role of a safety professional. Supports for acoustic insulation and inline ancillary items are to be designed separately due to probable weight considerations relative to the attached ductwork items.

Plain sleeves are also available as a proprietary item, with a limited range of flexible material fixed between two strips of sheet metal. It is good practice to dedicate storage and bench areas for Stainless Steel, with soft surfaces, e.

Fastenings ductwirk in an unsealed aperture shall not be used. Where dampers are required for blade lengths in excess of mm, the blades should be suitably re-inforced or supported. For practical access reasons the latter method is usually preferred.


Ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flame.

With socket and spigot joints, care should be taken to ensure that the dimensions of ducts and fittings are correctly related. In the case where a random test is selected for medium pressure ducts the following clause is suggested for inclusion by the system designer. More specific detail is then required on specific items, some of which are as follows: The test standard for single compartment smoke control duct is BS EN Fixing bolts required at each corner and at mm centres.

The austenitic series, however, because of the higher yield point and the greater rate of work hardening, will require higher working pressures. Fig marked by 1 July Smoke control dampers may be used in association with any fire resisting ductwork as this is covered in their direct field of application. BS EN Continuously hot-dip coated steel sheet udctwork strip.

If the need arises ductwork stored in the factory should be stored in such a manner to prevent damage and be readily accessible for delivery in accordance with the installation programme. There are four classes of duct construction to correspond with the four pressure classifications: Minimum steel thicknesses related to duct diameter are given in tables 8, 9 and Iris dampers are available for circular ducts only, in diameters up to mm It should ductwor noted that the damper casing may be up to twice the diameter of the duct.

Generally they are called for where ducts penetrate walls or floors which form fire compartmentation. TICA should be approached as they and their members can provide guidance in order to eliminate dw44 of the issues listed above. Such sealant shall be in accordance with the requirements of Part Seven, Section Service and Facilities The highest standards in the management and control of engineering services systems and facilities Read More. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.


Duties are placed upon clients, system designers and contractors with more power given to the CDM Co-ordinator who has a more authorative and policing role. A ductwork system that has limited air leakage, within defined limits, will ensure that the design characteristics of the system can be maintained. In describing flat oval ductwork, the major axis is referred to as the width W and the minor axis is referred to as the depth D For tie rod requirements see Tables 13 and A responsible person should be asking for all the Regulation 38 documentation when a building is handed over and under the above has a legislative right to it m.

It highlights the technical information to be provided by dw14 designers to ductwork contractors and looks in detail at rectangular, circular, and flat oval ductwork.

Duct work construction to DW/144

It is suitable for a range of ducting and structural applications in mildly corrosive applications. Wet storage staining are the white and dark stains which may be seen on the surfaces of newly galvanized components when they are closely stacked and stored or transported under damp conditions.

A fire in an adjacent compartment through which the ductwork passes, could lead to ignition of the grease deposits, which may continue through the ductwork system, possibly prejudicing the safety of the kitchen occupants.