Doris Lessing’s Double Life pressure, no obligatory enrollment in the academic rat race, no thought of slaving to earn an essentially pointless. 3 31 INTERVIEW WITH DORIS LESSING Africa, and she instantly smelled a rat . When she .. Or, “Fan as I am of Doris Lessing, I will never read another novel. Doris Lessing and R. D. Laing: Psychopolitics and Prophecy* If we look at the novels of Doris Lessing with this rat-dogs in their excesses, the extremes of.

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Both of her parents were British: Similarly, Lessing has taken the style and form of metaphor, replicated it exactly, and then given it a fantastical twist to make it her own. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. An amazing book about us all, with all of Lessings depth and voris.

Briefing for a Descent Into Hell: Doris Lessing: : Books

She has a way of saying exactly what she means in exactly the way that you can understand it. But, the way in which Lessing fleshes out Emily’s personality rrats a novelty that I have never seen before.

But as I said, the beginning and end seem to me a quite inventive approach to dystopia.

Perhaps all lessing are this incredibly muddled, and I simply have not taken the time to look. But, the only problem is that she has a lot to say. In a beleaguered city where rats and roving gangs terrorize the streets, where government has broken down and meaningless violence holds sway, a woman — middle-aged and middle-class — is brought a twelve-year-old kn and told that it is her responsibility to raise the child.


I couldn’t believe that this was written in the 70s; Lessing is almost prophetic in her treatment of children and teenagers in Britain.

The Unexpected Twists & Turns of Doris Lessing’s Briefing For A Descent Into Hell

Lessibg gibberish, ramblings about planets and monkeys lessong vapors and crystals. Sep 05, David Fransen rated it it was amazing. ByLessing had moved to London with her young son. Lessing is incredibly able at giving us an “autobiography” that seems more like a Picasso-esque self portrait than anything else; rqts of nonsense as well as strict blocky absolutes–all less colorful than in the mind’s eye.

This book diris everywhere, in everything, moved in my blood, my mind. I only know one other person who has read Lessing, and that is my my professor of Practical Criticism. An excellent example of how beautiful and introspective science-fiction can be, but I struggled to get into the narrative due to seemingly never-ending sentences and the MC having the linguistic conviction of a flip flop.

The only parallel that comes to mind is Anna Kavan’s Ice, which is another novel that is set in an apocalyptic world but is mostly concerned with its characters, their interiority, and their relationships with each other. She retreats into parable.

At nineteen, she married Frank Wisdom, and later had two children. Aug 27, Fabian rated it liked it.

The Memoirs of a Survivor

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. It was interesting to see how people adapted and carried on, how things changed slowly and were accepted as just another part of normal. Although he is fully functional and comes across as happy, restoring his memory is ras to the doctors deeming him well.

So, you often have to sit back and really think about it. In sum, this is one of the best recommendations that anyone has ever given me. But for everyone else, the order of things gradually disintegrates over the course of the narrative.


Our norms are questioned, our beliefs are at time almost mocked and ridiculed. Oct 24, Abi rated it really liked it Shelves: Tried to read it at different times of the day but I can’t help but fall asleep over it, every time! Ironically, she is welcomed now as a writer acclaimed for the very topics for which she was banished 40 years ago.

Of all the dystopian fiction I’ve ever read, this is likely the strangest. I think this very likely has reformed some of my more misogynist leanings Lessing, by contrast, has not thought out her future in any political or sociological detail, fills it with stick figures, and seems to be hiding from the real lsesing, racial, and psychological.

ledsing About Doris Lessing Doris Lessing was born of British parents in Persia, inand moved with her family to southern Rhodesia when she was five years old.

Okay, this is my first Doris Lessing, and I must say I’m not impressed. Deal with it, Doris! The ending is peculiar.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. It was slow-going at first. Mar 26, Quin Herron rated it it was amazing. It does get better.