Hello!Up for sale is a really cool multi-effects unit by Digitech the TSR!Tons of effects available in this box. Delays, reverbs, Find great deals for DigiTech Tsr True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I don’t think I would replace this unit with a another Digitech product. Since I have an extensive amount of equipment I would not need to replace it, but if it was.

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Friday Tips was an digiech newsletter of sorts, containing GSP tips. So you can set 10 seconds 5 seconds stereo of delay great for looping! Everything was fine except for the TSRS. Didn’t jive with me xigitech all and lacked a lot of control. I wanted an effects processor that had the ability to chain redundant effects like 2 Choruses or a Phaser and Flange, etc. MetalGuitardDec 11, We thought the pitch-shifting modules not quite up to the quality offered by the rest of the effects, which is surprising given Digitech’s success with their Vocalist range of harmony processors.

I rely on my tube amp. I hated the interface too.

The verbs on it are intense and with being able to make your own algorithms, it’s very capable. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

All user reviews for the DigiTech TSR-24S

This is not for this that you buy this processor A reverb should allow for clearity and placement of the sound in the sound field. If you want to keep them, consider a bulk MIDI dump or individual program dump. It is roughly I do not want to be perfectly assertive but I think that’s right to a DSP Artist without the preamp section. I tried digitecj TSRS 4-cable-method. An LCD screen allows you to refine every detail of the effect. It was really quiet, even on my high gain channel.


Turn one knob to get to the effect, the other knob to pick the parameter you want to adjust and ANOTHER knob to actually adjust the parameter. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

I would go for a lexicon Mpx-1 over the tsr To make the link digktech Controller and parameter, select a parameter, press the MIDI button, and digitec link is rsr. Nov 30, Check the soldering-points in the power-supply area. In short the whole is very very good, and is netement best that I could try to boss Nov 29, 9.

DigiTech Tsr-24 True Stereo Reverb Multi-effects Processor Project

No, create an account now. You can freely overwrite Programs ; are preset.

I had a Mesa Triaxis and 2: There are preset and user, leaving room for the wildest Creations I did come up with a pretty wicked Leslie-ish sound though. Request a new diggitech. In most cases there is a problem in the power supply. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Rigitech have a TSR s that won’t start up, the backlit display comes on but shows nothing, the LED display says “” as in all lit up and a few of the level lights stay on. Took LOTS of tweaking.

I am using this piece primarily in my home studio. Dec 1, I also tried a Zoom and it just sounded too With great power comes great responsibility, and learning how to control all of this makes for a steep learning curve, especially for someone not inclined to futz with the nuts and bolts of stuff like this.


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Home Forums Recent Posts. Obviously devices like the Zoom G3 are way easier to use but so far as I know, they don’t do near as much. The efffets are good, even if the 16 bit does not make all the subtleties of the original signal. In addition to close reading the manual, download the GSP manual and close read the digital processing section, as it contains many useful ideas. How do I recognize that the internal lithium battery gets weak? Nov 29, 4. Execute a hard reset.

Reverb seemed a bit grainy and mid-heavy and the Rotary effect, which was a big selling point to me, seemed a bit bland. The sound is clear and there isn’t much noise at all to this unit. The downside is the pitch shifter, which is not good at all as on all processors at the time, except for Eventide course because it does not sound the guitar it Chemical really!

Since I have an extensive amount of equipment I would not need to replace it, but if it was my only digital processor I would most likely spend a little more money and buy a Lexicon MPX-1 which has very a very good user interface and an excellent footcontroller. Share This Page Tweet. This reverb is good for guitar, some vocals and especially drums. Programming the TSRS is, in spite of the manual, relatively simple.