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Hence, why should a person wait till they go? He argues that wherever an ill-fated person goes, the mishaps accompany him.

A river — by sand dunes in moon light; 5. But it is not. The mendicants were standing at the doorsteps of the stingy barons seeking money. Ample food by begging for alms. When oldage sets in it will be like digging a well, when the house has caught fire. Why do you wander uselessly? You shine in regal glory. Though great men like Gandhi, Tilak et al claimed that Gita changed their lives, I feel that Bhartruhari can change the lives of people suffering this hell of the materialistic world often without cognisance and occasionally knowinglyparticularly those who are addicted to vices like narcotics and alcohol.


A son gets spoiled by lenience. Is he an outcast? Engage in commerce, agriculture and service; 5. It is so unstable and unreliable.

A soldier — by victory in a battle; 3. Whose skull does S’iva use? Removes heaps of misery. Old age is robbing the body.

Delicacies or stale food? Even under most trying circumstances, come what may, the ethically steadfast persons adhere to the path of justice.

From the earth to the Seas. Honor gives an apprehension of humiliation.

In the 6th and 7th Centuries India, there was great emphasis on helping others. A player with a square having only one pawn in a square at the beginning, may have a number of pieces in a square in middle game, and when the end approaches, he may have nothing.

Bhartrihari Subhashitam

Yet the world practises what is not good for it. Those who want worldly things and are enamored of seeking gold, their greed, Meeru’s gold cannot satisfy. Compassion and thirst for blood. The poet describes the bone: Moon is the lamp. There are imponderables and uncertainties. Moths fall in fire, being unaware of the combustive nature of the fire. When they go, much misery results. Sensual pleasures telutu female elephant.


The ascetic who considers that Gods like the Creator, etc.

Bhartruhari Sataka Trisati – Neeti Satakam – Meaning | Vaidika Vignanam

Even the creator cannot explain to a person of a little knowledge suffering from pride. He questions the futility of having external fulfilments.

The Oceans which are abodes of Great Fish and Whales dry up. Yet they start this work or that work and rush as if the world was going to get submerged.