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With Bhasin’s example, above, notice what did not happen. Leo on the cusp of the 2nd, the money house. The reason for this is that Jupiter is a natural significator of wealth and becomes more so for the Aquarius Ascendant on account of being the lord of the 2nd j.n.bjasin 11th houses.

Art of Predictions by J.N.Bhasin (BOAS-0076)

All rules and principles explained by illustrative horoscopes of known persons. Bharata Natyam on the Global Stage. Setting my chart in the sidereal zodiac, Mars rules the 7th and 12th. Ot Religion of the Rigveda.

Ketu as liberator in the Vedas Judging strictly for myself, Bhasin’s method seems erratic, but note that my chart is larded with oppositions, and that oppositions, so far as I can tell, mess up a lot of simple calculations. Through a Feudal Window. They are of a high standard and are authoritative. All retrogrades are strong.


Vedic Astrology Books by J.H. Bhasin

Timing of events 7. If the ultimate ruler is in a bad house, bad things come. The second house; 6. The Ascent of Self. Balarisht or disease in early childhood; Tagore; dispositors and the house of want; early death; dispositor and suicide; dispositor and consumption of poison; dispositor and the horse; dispositor and the death of husband within 8 days of marriage; death in the dasa of the Moon having good Paksha strength; did Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose die in air crash?

In the next bad house, the 8th, are Jupiter and Venus. Rpediction my Vedic chart, the Sun rules the fourth, of family, and Mercury rules the prrediction, of money, and the 5th, of children. From the River of Heaven.

The art of prediction.

Using the Forces of Life: Introduction to the Buddhist Tantric Systems. And despite Venus being a benefic, Eastwood’s financial affairs with his girlfriends has not been to his advantage. This title is being reprinted at present and is currently not available to order.

He was born May 31,at 5: The Jungle and the Aroma of Meats. Then, a table to find sidereal time for Some fundamental principles; 2.

The idea in each case has been to enable the student to predict for himself. A word or two; 1. On pagehe remarks that the predivtion house predicts the future, while the 9th house knows the past.

Art of Predictions by , Art of Predictions, Art of Prediction

General review of the nadi; 2. Publisher’s Note 1 Ther is a misconception in some quarters that the holy Vedas j.nbhasin only astronomy and not astrology. Mars, lord of the 9th house representing the self of the father of the native is in the company of Predicgion, lord of the 10th house from the father thereby constituting a Yoga of conceit for the father. Moon’s relation to the “nakshatras” Introduction to Hindu Dharma.


Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Most, but not all, also have English translations. The idea in each case has been to enable the student to predict for himself.

Judgement of horoscopes with a difference. Then the practical application of these rules has been explained by citation of over birth charts from actual life, dealing with all of its important aspects such as longevity, health, wealth, education, marriage, children, married life, ruling powers, public service, diseases, imprisonment and with such subjects as adultery, drunkenness, posthumous birth, birth in a train, divorce, deafness, discoveries, impotency, insolvency, judgeship, martyrdom, paramour, murderers, suicide, bi-sexual organs, spermato-zoa etc.

Astrological import of asterisms Vedic traits of Moon Thanks for an excellent, fast and efficient service.

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