Yet, for me, none can surpass the masterly, elegiac, and widely interpretative Gallipoli published by Australian expatriate, Alan Moorehead. When Turkey unexpectedly sided with Germany in World War I, Winston Churchill , as Sea Lord for the British, conceived a plan: smash through the Dardanelles. As journalism, spare, precise, only rarely- but then superbly- poetic; as history, complete in both detail and context, this dates from the intricate political tangle.

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Gallipoli by Alan Moorehead. The Last Crossing of the Lusitania. They so nearly succeeded. In March the British are attacking the straits narrows but the Turkish guns are doing their job and the battleships just cannot get through.


Therefore, any landing sites would be small stretches of sand that stood a good chance of being bombarded by the Turks as they landed. From the print edition the correct word is ‘thoroughly. A vivid chronicle of adventure, suspense, agony, and heroism, Gallipoli brings fully to life the tragic waste in human life, the physical horror, and the sheer heartbreaking folly of fighting for impossible objectives with inadequate means on unknown, unmapped terrain.

After months of bloody stagnation in Europe, certain persons in Britain had an idea for altering the dynamics of the war; invade Turkey, the sick man of Europe, and encourage the Balkan Powers to As the Great War ensnared powers beyond Middle Europe, it became in truth a world war, providing the spark to reignite old tensions in places like the middle east.

As journalism, spare, precise, only rarely- but then superbly- poetic; as history, complete in both detail and context, this dates from the intricate political tangle which finally drove Turkey into the German camp to the days of peace when “”lizards scuttle about the tombstones”” of the quarter of a million Allied casualties from the Gallipoli campaign.

Gallipoli (Perennial Classics): Alan Moorehead: : Books

While this book is written in a clinical, “historical record” type of style, it doesn’t lose its humanity. I had to read it in stages, however, to be able to digest all the implications and information. Just at the moment the Turks could no longer defend the moorenead with guns or mines, the British – shaken by their losses – decided that they needed an army to take the Peninsula by land, as they couldn’t take it by sea alone. It may have been written in but it still went a long way in helping me picture and understand the situation in Gallipoli.

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With more resources, which were available, perhaps the invasion would have reached its goals, the separate German-Russian peace unnecessary and, a revolution avoided and the history of the balance of the Twentieth Century immeasurably altered. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. In the time which passes until we die other troops and commanders can take our mooerhead.

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Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. But Moorehead transcends factualism and the refinements of its rendering.

This passage was very sad: Jan 09, Steve Parcell rated it it was ok. My understanding is that this is considered the primary mid-century secondary source for information and analysis about the Gallipoli campaign, so despite its shortcomings, this is a solid overview of an important moment in world history. Aspinhal, dioroughly sic alarmed Detailing from both sides of this battle, he gives a very accurate picture of not only what happened here.

The Allied and the Turkish forces fought bravely, often in desperate battles for small gains in the historic lands near where Xerxes crossed the Hellespont, Achilles and Hector fought on the Trojan Plain, where you Written almost 60 years ago, this 4 Star account of Gallipoli is still fresh and informative.

English Choose a language for shopping. Excellent I’ve read a number of books about Gallipoli and this is one of the best.

A View Over the Bell: Book Review – Gallipoli by Alan Moorehead

Ships from and sold by Amazon. One complaint is that the French land forces are almost ignored. Much of this was surprisingly dry, but Moorehead broke out the Leigh-Fermorish adventure and enchantment at frequent enough intervals to keep me reading. Nov 11, Ramazan Ozbay rated it liked it. There were the Scottish, English and Irish troops. More from the web. Apr 26, Lyndon rated it really liked it. Turkish casualties were similar, though more were killed.


Amphibious Warfare, Joseph H. They were going to go through the Dardanelles to get to Constantinople and demand Turkey’s government to surrender. Amphibious Warfare, Joseph H.

Hamilton had three weeks to plan the largest amphibious operation in the whole history of warfare. Buy the selected items together This item: Has World War I become the forgotten war? Peter Fitzsimons has compiled an incredible amount of research, combined with a writing style that makes this a page turner, in a book of over pages.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Duff Cooper Prize Finishing Gallipoli leaves me with much to think about, for example my original understanding was that the whole thing was Winston Churchills blunder however he was removed so early in the campaign that the end result can hardly be considered his fault.

Moorehead reminds us that things aren’t terrible because they just happen to be, they’re terrible because we made them that way. But poor communication left the Allies in the dark, allowing the Turks to prevail and the Allies to suffer a crushing quarter-million casualties.

His ability to sum up a person or a stiuation in a few well-chosen phrases is remarkable and goes a long way to making his books compulsive reading.

While the sacrifice of the British and ANZACs is well known, the actions and bravery of the French have been, perhaps, less acknowledged. It was also contained within a narrow beachhead, thus condemning the Allied troops to months of bombardment in a harsh, barren and waterless terrain.

Despite the rushed planning and Hamilton’s quirks, strategic victory on the first day was a near-run gallipo,i. At its end I had a much greater understanding of how the story played out. Sea Soldiers in the Cold War: