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Versatile What type of technology? It is infinitely better than a SM57 but is not used in the same way: Electret cardioid microphone on scene. On a somewhat male kag, it can be difficult to correct. Fairly small membrane suspended and well protected by a fairly effective windscreen against wind noise and plosives but not perfect. Zkg now I have not found, except that it requires 48V, but it is the principle of static.

The frequency response of the microphone is very flat, with a small 2 dB rise between 7 and 12 kHz, this provides a very open sound with lots of clarity, and is flattering, but not harsh, like some of the competition. This wonderful design was introduced by AKG init was meant for stage and studio usage, not just for vocals, but also many instruments, like flute, clarinet, acoustic guitar and plenty others.

More information about that can be found at www. It is not overpriced, his job done perfectly, whatever you ask for? C535e kind of microphone? The AKG C EB has been discontinued so this meta review will mainly appeal to those buying it second hand, but if you’re looking for a new microphone then look at our guide to The Best Live Vocal Mics.



I stopped recording guitar amps with it. More and more interesting. It has been in production for 44 years, but in JanuaryAKG presented a successor: The colors above are the same as in the legend for the polar pattern chart below. It may lack bass, c355eb due to its small membrane, but this detail is not a problem for me. AKG has brought out more models that do not shine like their predecessors.

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Singing the snare, to the resumption of amp It has a built-in filter, something that is also very practical! Did you find this review helpful?

Thus the micro takes out the whole sound of the speaker, not just the few square inches of membrane that are just glued to the 57 to the gate of the amp. I had and have other static in their hands, and this one serves me absolutely still on percussion and often on other things. However, cash out the hits snare for example I also like the fact that for a static, it is not sensitive to larsens and handling noise, which is quite handy on stage.

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? And it is very sturdy! It has also received many positive comments from people who have used it for miking snare to capture a bright sound when recording. Whereas with my other mics, it not and I preferred the old The voice if it may be appropriate for the preproduction brass also make good This makes an excellent point for ztatique.


I would do this choice, double! Submitted by Jason Horton on Aug. It has its price, but it’s a great mic, used on many things, which is not to be overlooked!

AKG CEB Condenser Vocal Instrument Mic

Electrets do need power for their pre-amplifier, often 48 v Alg power many cheaper electrets just use a built-in battery. The C EB has a recessed four way switch to adjust the signal: Studio use with suspension preference microphone on table.

Rapprt excelent value for female voices.

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AKG CEB Microphone | eBay

Some say that the charge of electrets weakens over time, but my own old and trusted C EB does not show any signs of that at all. What kind of a zkg Much clearer and detailed an old SM58, much cleaner!

Good sound, cheap, easy to use: Have you tried many other models before acqurir? Cons A few people complained that the bass roll-off switch is hard to move, but I see that as a positive because it means you won’t accidentally akb it while you’re singing.

It also has a 4 position switch for controlling the amount of bass roll-off you want.

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