I finished knitting and blocking my Aeolian shawl the other day. This is the third and final shawl in my series of shawls for my bridesmaids. Beautiful lace shawl. Free knitting pattern. Pattern category: Shawls. Lace weight yarn. yards. Features: Lace. Experienced difficulty level. You start with 3 [sts] and end with And there is a wild ride in between! I am talking about the Aeolian Shawl (free pattern from Knitty) which.

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The Yucca chart must be worked an even number of times ie.

Susan’s Aeolian Shawl Archives – theraineysisters theraineysisters

For the spine flower, pin out points every other bead. Largest version there are three sizes given Yarn: I have listed my reductions at the bottom of this post.

Continue as follows, working center st and edges sts as set. Here is my Cylon Raider being blocked:. Continue in pattern, working through charts as established, until Row 28 of Edge Set-up Chart is complete. I modified the original stitch designs so that the repeat lengths match and the patterns flow from one stitch to the next. Work Rows of Transition Chart. Neither shawl ever got boring.

Aeolian Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

From this aeoliah until beginning the edging, k this st tbl on RS rows, and p it on WS rows. Work Rows of Final Agave Chart.

It is important to keep the slipped edge sts very loose, so the shawl will block properly. K1 without dropping st from left needle, yo, [k same st again without dropping from left needle, yo] 2 times, k same st again and drop st from left needle. Beads on rows 3 and 5 only. August 23, by titianknitter. The curves of the rock, the repetitive geometries of the yucca stalks and agave leaves, and the brief but extravagant blossoms of the desert after a rain are all echoed in this lace.


shwwl Later, the chain will be unraveled and the resulting live sts picked up. The beads are placed on RS rows using a very narrow steel crochet hook.

Ravelry: Aeolian Shawl pattern by Elizabeth Freeman

I was a bit surprised, however, to find how much the yarn shredded when I had to frog a substantial portion of the shawl. Following directionsblock shawl, first pinning out the center point of all the edging flower motifs, then going back and pinning out four additional points in each motif, in the edge stitches directly above the nupps two points on either side of each flower center.

For a history of Estonian lace knitting, as well as beautiful Estonian shawls, both traditional and contemporary, see Aeoilan Lace of Estonia: So, I folded the shawl in half along its spine. Bring the yarn between the needles to the back of the work before knitting the next st. At end of last row, turn work 90 degrees clockwise and pick up and k 7 sts along one long edge of work — this will be 1 st in each slipped sbawl along edge, skipping first st.

Handspun Flame Shoulderette Dhawl at center back: On following WS row, purl these 7 sts together. Placing the beads as you go was the method chosen by the designer.


I love the complexity of the design and the visual impact. Knit the stitches to the right of the outlined pattern repeat, repeat the stitches between the red lines until just enough stitches remain before the center stitch marker to finish by knitting the stitches to dhawl left of the outlined pattern repeat. Left edge, center edge and right aoelian chart: In this design, I combine the slow patience of lace knitting, and the profligate abandon of the desert after a storm.

PPS — I was asked why I did not pre-string the beads onto the yarn. This is shaal Aeolian Shawl pattern, from the Spring 09 issue of Knitty.

This forms a centered double decrease. In row 43, I placed beads on the designated stitches that were knit plain, but did not place beads on the designated decrease stitches.

Correct gauge is not essential for this project unless you are working with a limited quantity of yarn ie.

However, as you can see from the photos, this shawl is just a tad oversized. All placed one by zhawl onto the appropriate stitch using the crochet hook method? Keep the following things in mind: The markers now in place indicate the center st of the shawl.

See the images below:. Techniques, Patterns, and Traditionsby Nancy Bush.