ABSITE Killer PlusBasic Science General Null hypothesis = “no difference exists”; Type I Error – reject null hypothesis inc. ABSITE Killer Plus. Basic Science. General. Null hypothesis = “no difference exists”; Type I Error – reject null hypothesis incorrectly; Type II Error = accept null . Buy ABSITE KILLER ORGANIZED BY TOPIC: Read Kindle Store Reviews –

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Avoid by making tracheostomy no lower than 3rd tracheal ring. STSG blood supply jiller imbibition 1st few days, then neovascularization days capillary ingrowth Flap necrosis: IV glucagon can help relaxes smooth muscle.

Short chain fatty acids – butyric acid Describe fat digestion Long chain: If malignant, take whole parotid. ADH, Oxytocin What is the classic vision change with pituitary mass effect? Bitemporal hemianopsia – vision missing in outer half of both right and left visual fields What is the 1 pituitary adenoma?

ABSITE Killer Plus

Type C – blind esophagus, distal TE fistula. Clindamycin What are the kkller of a blood transfusion? Absite killer plus Question Answer What is the source of fever in atelectasis? Greater auricular nerve – numbness over lower portion of auricle How does clopidogrel Plavix affect platelets?

Pass complete!

Copper Describe the Cori cycle glucose to lactate, to the liver, to glucose During starvation, what does the brain use for fuel? Produced when high osmolarity is sensed at supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus What ahsite Diabetes Insipidus? Valveless vertebral veins that connect to internal vertebral venous plexus They allow direct mets to the spine What is Poland’s syndrome? Decreased ganglion cells in Auerbach’s plexus, absence of peristalsis and esophageal dilation.


Sarcomas, breast CA, brain tumors, leukemia Sarcomas generally spread hematogenously, not to lymphatics. Most aggressive subtype of DCIS, has necrotic areas, high risk of microinvasion and recurrence; Rx – mastectomy.

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Increased erythropoetin – erythrocytosis What is the 1 peripheral aneurysm? CD4 activation; on B cells, dendrites, ikller, 2 chains Natural Killer cells: Internal drainage by cyst-gastrostomy, -duodenostomy, or -jejunostomy: Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Orchiectomy via inguinal incision. Navicular fracture – even with negative XR, requires cast up to elbow What is a Dupuytren’s contracture? Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma – benign but locally agressive vascular tumor of nasal cavity. Which types need open procedures?

Reversible nephrotoxicity, irreversible ototoxicity What is the mechanism of rifampin? Where does it come from? CMV is highest Hep C 1: What xbsite the symptoms? Cholecystectomy adquate if confined to mucosa. Imbibition, inosculation, revascularization Iiller is the most common cause of flap necrosis?

No axillary node dissection necessary spread is hematogenous, not lymphatic. Phosphate needed for ATP What vitamin deficiency causes anemia and neutropenia? Myofibroblasts What cells are responsible for healing by secondary intention? Do not resect pancreas. M ratio is 3: Ca llus from sarcoplasmic reticulum What does antithrombin III do?


May have high alpha-FP. Osteogenic sarcoma What does “onion layering” on x-ray suggest? If high grade, need radical neck dissection What is the difference between a radical neck dissection and a modified radical neck dissection?

N-myc What is elevated in neuroblastoma? Atypical ductal or lobular hyperplasia What is pluz FEV1 required for a: Augments diastolic coronary blood flow and reduces afterload by inflating during diastole inflates 40msec before T wave, deflates with p wave What electrolytes are actively secreted by the colon? III What is the time frame of abaite production in a wound?

Do diverticulectomy Type III: Severe ulcer disease, diarrhea lipase destruction by acid, malabsorption, incr secretion What test evaluates gastrinoma? Anorexia, glycolysis, and lipolysis What is batson’s plexus, and what is it’s significance?

Intra- and Extrahepatic cysts Caroli’s disease. HLA B27 Where are most anal fissures located? Congenital abd wall defect, intrauterine rupture of umbilical cord, no associated defects, lateral right defect, no sac What are the characteristics of omphalocele?