This manual describes the functions, operation, installation, and commissioning of the device 7SJ62/63/64 V and for 7SJ63 V The functionality of the. Function overview. Description. Siemens SIP · 5 OvercurrentProtection/ 7SJ 5. 5/ 5/ Protection functions. • Time-overcurrent. of Siemens AG. Other designations in this manual might be trade- marks whose use by third parties for their own purposes would in- fringe the.

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Oscillographic Fault Records Functions 2. Average Measurements Functions 2. Impacts on protective func- tions to be taken into consideration are described in this section. Hardware Modifications Mounting and Commissioning 3.

Point P1 is determined by the number of permitted make-break operations parameter OP. Mounting and Commissioning 3.

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The synchronisation function includes the following views: System Interface Additional Interface Checking: If set to ON, tripping is possible and a fault log is generated. Both jumpers must always be plugged in the same way! System Data 2 Ground Fault Check Mounting and Commissioning 3. This time is started and maintains the pickup condition if the current falls below the threshold. Up to four s7j62 currents are measured by the device.

Power transmission within the system can be increased when the fault is located and cleared faster. Be careful when removing or plugging the connector between device and detached operator panel Non—observance of the following measure can result in property damage. Pickup due to overload should never occur sieens in this mode the device operates as fault protection with correspondingly short tripping times and not as overload protection.


Undervoltage Protection 27 Functions 2. Commissioning Aids Functions 2. Page 31 Introduction 1. Monitoring Functions Functions 2.

SIPROTEC 7SJ62 – Digital Grid – Siemens

This means that the line can be connected again. Open the circuit breaker again. This message can be configured to an LED or binary output, just as the individual tripping messages can. The following figure shows the location of the jumpers of interface RS on the interface module.

Glossary Glossary Battery The buffer battery ensures that specified data areas, flags, timers and counters are retained retentively. Page 87 Functions 2. In this example, the setting value is configured as secondary power in watts. The blocking conditions are also valid for the zone sequence coordination, provided it is available and activated address siemena, see also margin heading “Zone Sequencing”.

The circuit breaker auxiliary contact is bridged with a bypass resistor R. Page 85 Functions 2. Sync Function Groups Functions 2. They are summarized in the following table.

Motor and current transformer with the following data: Before connection it is checked whether conditions are synchronous or not. Note When function settings of the motor restart inhibit are changed, the thermal replica of this function is reset.

Settings indicated above are to be used prevaling 3 cold and 2 warm startup attempts have resulted in the restart limit reaching However, it com- prises important information that should be noted for purposes of personal safety as well as avoiding material damage. Service Interface Checking: When setting the Power System Data 1 see Section 2.


Reactance per Unit Length only for Fault Location The setting of the reactance per unit length is only important for the utilization of the line fault location function.

The load current the line carries must be at least 0. Determination of the Reverse Power The reverse power protection evaluates the active power from the symmetrical components of the fundamental harmonics of the voltages and currents.

Don’t show me this message again. This is why such faults are not detected at all or not selectively by the ordinary time overcurrent protection.

Testing User-defined Functions Mounting and Commissioning 3. Page 78 Functions 2. The same applies to function groups 2 to 4.

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Press the top latch of the plug connector up and the bottom latch down so that the plug connector of the ribbon cable is pressed out. Negative Sequence Protection toc Technical Data 4.

Page Appendix A. In addition, motor starting protection may be blocked via a binary input which will reset timers and pickup annunciations. Page Glossary Object properties Each object has properties. This conformity has been established by means of tests conducted by Siemens AG in accor- dance with Article 10 of the Council Directive in agreement with the generic standards EN and EN for the EMC directive, and with the standard EN for the low-voltage directive.