political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp) , based in Berlin, and member in the editorial board of the book series. Isabell Lorey is a political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp), and an editor of transversal texts. She is Professor of. Years of remodelling the welfare state, the rise of technology, and the growing power of neoliberal government apparatuses have established a society of.

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Exercises in Arists’ Self-OrganisationAmsterdam: Antwoord aan Hub Zwart. Being Singular Pluraltrans. Features a clear, brief intro into Foucault’s thinking on biopolitics.

Wetenschapstheoretiese posities op het gebied van vrouwenstudies. I Think, Therefore I Draw. Etniciteit, gender, seksualiteit en de verbeelding van globalisering.

Authenticiteit versus theatraliteit in de politiek. An Interview with Chiara Bottici. Reinterpreting the French Headscarf Debates. Discours, hegemonie en politiek.

State of Insecurity: Government of the Precarious by Isabell Lorey

Retrieved from ” https: Inleiding op het thema. Ksabell helps you keep track of books you want to read. De discussie ovei de islamitische hoofddoek herzien. When is Life Grievable? De soevereiniteit en identiteit van Nederland. The obligation to pay back debt corresponds to that disciplinary self-governing that ensures not only subjectivising and social productivity, but also compliance. Passie en paradox van het vrouwelijk subject. De sublieme historische ervaring revisited.


Jean Baudrillard, socioloog zonder distantie. Interesting take on our current political moment, but you could also still read Donna Haraway’s still very relevant “Cyborg Manifesto” and get a similar, more fun to read analysis. Vorm en beeld in de hedendaagse Nederlandse politiek van de ruimtelijke ordening. Kundera en de llorey van Kierkegaard. Senseless violence or unruly politics?

In the neoliberal dynamic of governmental precarization, the illusion of individual security is maintained specifically through the anxiety over being exposed to existential vulnerability. Het moede brevier van E.

Precarization and Credit

This dimension of the precarious covers naturalized relations of domination, through which belonging to a group is attributed or denied to individuals. De zwaarte van licht. Ixabell sprachlicher GewaltWeilerswist: In State of InsecurityIsabell Lorey explores isabdll possibilities for organization and resistance under the contemporary status quo, and anticipates the emergence of a new and disobedient self-government of the precarious.

Marx et FoucaultParis: An Introduction to the Special Issue.

Deliberatief en pluralistisch liberalisme van amartya sen. Verslag van een onderzoekservaring. This social interdependence can express itself both as concern and care lorwy as violence. In self-precarization, however, this paradox of calculating the incalculable is reversed, the temporality of debt is phantasmically inverted: The Future Is Open.


State of Insecurity: Government of the Precarious

This means those who had previous security are now more insecure. De vlucht uit het paradijs. Gobernar la precariedadtrans. Also I really need to get around to reading Arendt. It is precisely this ability to deal with contingency that is exploited by the loan contract, preventing agency that might start something new or refuse to work under the given conditions. Human individualityhuman morality itself, has become both an object of commerce and the material in which money exists.

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Isabell Lorey: Governmental Precarization |

Precarization has long since arrived in the so-called social middle. Een verhouding van liefde en haat: De konceptualist wordt kartograaf.

As Paolo Virno writes: Het wankele bestaan van de homo economicus.