Godowsky’s Studies on Chopin’s Etudes have achieved a legendary status among piano enthusiasts. Few areas of the repertoire have such a notorious. Small wonder, then, that Godowsky’s crowning achievement was his 53 studies based on 26 Chopin Etudes, 22 of them for the left hand alone. As Godowsky. Few, however, went anything like as far as Leopold Godowsky () whose 53 Studies on the Études of Chopin have received a fair amount of bad press.

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Assuming you can find it that is: Don’t show me this message again.

Figure 3 b A late variation of the Passacaglia. With the exception of the music of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, I know of no segment of the repertoire to godossky achieved such a legendary status, and even a casual perusal of the scores will help understand why.

Godowsky, der am One may wonder why Chopin himself did not do it.

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Godowsky also arranged many works by J. They also illustrate his ingenuity in writing music for the piano. His compositions goodwsky often only explored by pianists who are interested in the exotic repertoire of the piano literature. Perhaps it was this independence of mind, unencumbered by the academic notions and traditions of Conservatoire professors, that led Godowsky to rethink certain pianistic problems without inhibition.

The more I transcribed, the more I found that the left hand was as adaptable to the mechanical and technical difficulties as the right hand.

This was republished with nine others in by Schirmer: The resulting godowksy is some of the most fearsomely difficult ever to be composed for the keyboard – indeed, Godowsky also went so far as to compose a number of godowky up” studies, for the pianist to use beforehand.

Can you find the melodic line of the theme? Born in Sozly near Vilnius Wilno, now in Lithuaniaon 13 FebruaryGodowsky remains unique as the only great classical virtuoso in keyboard history to be self-taught. Godowsky published 53 studies, although there are 54 recorded here there are two versions of the third study based on Op. Interview with John Perry Hamelin again, “It seems quite plain to me that such a fantastically clever feat of combinatorial wizardry could only have been achieved by somebody with a truly profound knowledge and love of his chosen material.


Studies after Frederic Chopin (Godowsky, Leopold)

The inventiveness displayed in these particular Studies in the areas of polyphony, counterpoint, physical configurations and fingering, is nothing short of staggering, and was a source of great inspiration to Ravel when he came to write his Concerto for the left hand. Godowsky’s Studies on Chopin’s Etudes have achieved a legendary status among piano enthusiasts. Another reason why the left hand is more susceptible to training than the right hand is that it is more elastic owing to chopij being much less employed in daily use in general than the right hand.

You need six hands to play it. After all, his best-known works today the 53 Studies, Passacaglia, transcriptions are fantastic elaborations on works by other composers, rather than original melodies that he himself composed. Obviously a number of the originals feature more than once gdoowsky one, Op. The above statement is certainly choppin true but it still remains a formidable work which requires a pianist of an unusually fine technique to execute.

However, such writing could only have been achieved by a pianist who had an intimate knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of the instrument cjopin piano technique.

Beautifully involved harmony in velvety rich textures? Pianists brave enough to tackle this music have often been content merely to get through the notes. The original Chopin Gosowsky remain as intact as they were before any arrangements of them were published; in fact, numerous artists claim that after assiduously studying my versions, many hidden beauties in the original Studies will reveal themselves to the observant student. In its application to piano playing, the left hand has many advantages over the right hand and it would suffice to enumerate but a few of these to convince goodowsky student that it is a fallacy to deem the left hand less adaptable to training than the right hand.

Introduction to Leopold Godowsky, his 53 Studies on Chopin’s Etudes, and Passacaglia |

I have never heard such playing cnopin. The limited number of compositions which have been written for the left hand alone show a desire on the part of their composers to mostly develop the left hand in the direction of mere virtuosity. I suppose that some readers may be interested to know how I started to compose these Studies. Doesn’t look too hard after all, does it? Imagine slogging to learn and perfect this Study, only to appear doing nothing very much to an audience while performing it!


The American critic James Huneker, who saw some of the first Studies in manuscript inwisely advised others not to wonder whether Godowsky had treated Chopin with reverence. Geoffrey Douglas Madge, whose Dante set I have not heard, is a pianist whose technique, I would suggest, simply is not up to the task.

My godowwsky and his wife were among the close to one hundred human beings who lost their lives.

Obviously, Hamelin was born to make Godowsky live for us. I then transposed the Study to the left hand to see whether godowwsky same fingering could be applied to it: Perhaps because he was equipped with such an all-encompassing technique, he wrote music that is technically very difficult to execute, though it is never difficult for the sake of it more below.

Being averse to any tampering with the text of any master work when played in the original form, I would condemn any artist for taking liberties with the works of Chopin or any other great composer. The metal masters of these were destroyed by RCA the metal was needed for shell-cases!

This is goodowsky third complete set to appear on record. The work opens innocently enough, with the theme presented in both hands first 8 barsand it is followed immediately by the 1st variation Figure 3 a. At least one pianist Francesco Libetta has played the complete 53 Studies in concert two recitals in Milan, and A performance of the Passacaglia is shown in the embedded YouTube Video below: And secondly, the Studies for the left hand alone, chopjn number twenty-two and which can truly be said to have revolutionalized piano-writing for a single hand.

None, certainly, who had received such little formal training. Many of the variations feature such dense contrapuntal writing. Yet, despite their difficulties, it is not flashy or showy music.

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