Under the order of the Emperor from to , Jomini is called “Le Devin ( seer) de Napoléon”. Since , he is named aide-de-camp of Tsar Alexandre 1st. Antoine-Henri Jomini was the most celebrated writer on the Napoleonic art of war . Jomini was present at most of the most important battles of the Napoleonic. Books by baron de Antoine Henri Jomini. Showing 6 Results Books: Advanced Special Edition. Jun 26, by Antoine Henri De Jomini and G. H. Mendell.

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Clausewitz on the other hand had experienced at first hand antoine-hennri sham of the catastrophe at Jena and the collapse of Prussia, leading him to politics. There was a problem with your submission. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Vom Krieg On warthe book by Carl von Clausewitz was published after his death by his widow Marie von Clausewitz 3 vol.

Mihaly von ZICHY

Jomini asked Antoine-hemri for a medical certificate and Berthier for six months leave; the request was immediately granted. Iomini was born in Switzerland, served in Napoleon’s army from toand then joined the army of Tsar Alexander I. Italian Edition Dec 08, In his attempt to enforce these principles, Halleck met with little cooperation from General McClellan, who was slow to move his armies jimini the Potomac to support General Pope, and from the latter, who failed to observe Halleck’s warning of an enemy attack from the rear.

Provide feedback about this page. Lee were said to have gone into battle armed with a sword in one hand and Jomini’s Summary of the Art of War in the other. To provide you with the best web experience, we use cookies and tracking technologies in accordance with our privacy policy. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

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As early as 12 years old he amtoine-henri an interest for all things military. As chief of the staff of Ney’s group of corps, he rendered distinguished services before and at the Battle of Bautzenand he was recommended for the rank of general of division. Jomini believed that after the age of Napoleon, war would no longer be considered the private affair of individual monarchs; instead it would be waged nation against nation.


JOMINI, Antoine Henri, Baron de –

Faced with such obstruction, Halleck’s plan failed and led to the defeat of Pope’s armies by Robert E. Sincehe is named aide-de-camp of Tsar Alexandre 1st with the grade of Lieutenant-general until Great tactician, military writer, Jomini wrote the Treaty of the Great Tactic, the Treaty of the great military operations and a lot of books.

In he led the campaign against Turkey and the siege of Varna with Nicolas I. Antoine-Henri, Baron Jomini French: As one writer jominni partial to Carl von ClausewitzJomini’s great competitor in the field of military theory, put it:.

In August of antoind-henri, as the result of efforts by Berthier to discredit him and sabotage antoine-benri well-earned promotion to major general following Antoine-yenri victory at the battle of Bautzen, Jomini was forced from the French ranks.

At this period he approached Murat the military governor of Paris asking for a job and was turned down. Print Return to top.

Once he left Napoleon’s service, he maintained himself and his reputation primarily through prose. Jomini emphasized the capture of major points and the importance of superior numbers and lines of operation, and he advocated the employment of speed and antoine-benri rather than battle whenever possible.

Retrieved 12 February Inhe entered Paris with the Tsar and was nearly cashiered from the Russian army for having so warmly defended Marshal Ney. Craighill, Lippincott,reprinted, Greenwood Press, He returned to Brussels upon the conclusion of peace in On suffering an attack of rheumatism, he was to ask for and obtain four months leave. Not surprisingly, this work caught the attention of the French emperor, who eventually offered Jomini a position within his own ranks.

Later, he settled at Passy near Paris. This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat iomini When the French army retreated from Russia Jomini also handled his role commendably and was appointed brigadier general in Not surprisingly, these developments coincided with the emergence of military schools and an increasingly scientific and reforming bent—artillerists studied trigonometry, and officers studied military engineering.


Antoine-Henri Jomini

Biographies Antoine Henri Jomini. Apart from love of his own country, the desire to study, to teach and to practise the art of war was his ruling motive. You antoine-henrk also be interested in.

This page was last modified on 26 Septemberat Jomini’s “Fundamental Principle of War” involved four maxims: Jomini’s ideas were a staple at military academies, the United States Military Academy at West Point being a prominent example; his theories were thought to have affected many officers who later served in the American Civil War. Baron Antoine Henri Jomini drew on his experience in the armies of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to write the first systematic study of military strategy.

He found the job uninteresting and spent most of his time preparing his first book on military theory: Rejoining the army in as a volunteer, he was appointed staff colonel in by Napoleon, who had read his book.

He helped to revolutionize warfare through his publications that appeared from to Until his retirement in he was principally employed in the military education of the Tsarevich Nicholas afterwards Emperor and in the organization of the Russian staff collegewhich was established in and bore its original name of the Nicholas Academy up to the October Revolution of The die was cast… He is said to have remarked to close friend the day before changing sides: More About Henri, baron de Jomini 3 references found in Britannica articles Assorted References classification of guerrilla warfare In guerrilla warfare contribution to logistics In logistics:

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