Sold Airtronics RDS Manual Aircraft – General – Radio Equipment (FS/W). I brought my brand new Airtronics RDS for Show-N-Tell to the July meeting. The Airtronics manual provides details instructions and diagrams on how to. Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals RDS , , 10M. [ ], Radiant 6P 6H ,

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Also included are programming “cheat sheets” that can be used to record the settings for each model that is set up in the radio. Turn on the transmitter. The black part of the wire is the coaxial leads that connect the antenna to the receiver, and the actual antennas are the clear portions of these wires. While they have not been the first to put out a Spread Spectrum radio, the radio that they did put out is sure to have some heads turning over at “the other brands”.


Placement of the antennas within the model seems to be of critical importance in the 2. CLK – Click The RDS transmitter normally is set to emit an audio tone when ever the programming keys are pressed, when values are changed and when the stop watch function is started, stopped or reaches the final ten seconds of countdown. I have found that trainer buttons are very uncomfortable and quickly make my fingers, or thumb, cramp up while using them. A top-quality digital radio, the RDS is noted for its ease-of-operation and programming.

REV Reverse – Reverses the servo operating direction.

Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals

While it’s not anything wrong with the radio I will point out that there is one thing that new rsd8000 to 2. The latest advance in our radio equipment is 2. Moving to the bottom portion of the radio we get to the controls used for programming the radio. With the range check completed it was time to manjal the plane. The solid LED on the receiver indicates that the receiver has been properly bound to the transmitter. Since I save all of my programming sheets I can quickly re-setup the plane using the cheat sheet.


AIRTRONICS RDS8000 FHSS Quick Start Manual

Instead of “re-inventing the wheel” by building a radio from scratch Airtronics has adapted their very popular 8 channel RD radio to the new 2.

The most important aspect that this brings to the table is the fact that Spread Spectrum radios can be operated in the presence of other radios without the risk of interference. So what makes this so special? I learned to fly on an Airtronics radio and have used them for the majority of the last 12 years. Aircraft Basic Menu Structure.

After I was in the air I did have to make some slight adjustments to bring the plane into a hands-off trim condition. Used for flying wings. The decision to leave servos and a receiver battery out of the included hardware may prove to be something that the industry will follow on. Helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and sailplane pilots will all benefit when using the standard features of the RDS I airtroniics the fact that the radio is equipped with a stopwatch that can count up or down when used to time flights.

Turning the radio over we find the battery compartment. Setting up the radio for my Kaos was very simple. The purpose of this mixer is to allow one transmitter control input to affect flight functions. While the stock rds80000 is quite small Rds80000 currently has even smaller receivers in the works.

That is the “balance” of the radio. And when you think about, it is actually quite a stroke of genius on Airtronics’ part. The purpose of a Compensation Mixer is to allow one transmitter control input to affect two flight functions. Now with those small gripes out of the way let’s talk about what I liked about the radio.

The height of the sticks can easily be adjusted for the comfort of the user. I knew that the first thing I needed to do when I got home was to get online and order some more receivers for my other planes!


With this function the entire set of control parameters for one aircraft can be copied from one model set-up into another.

The Bind LED on the transmitter will light up. And with the length of the coaxial wires it gives a little bit of flexibility in where to place the receiver.

Gone is the long antenna that needed to be extended while the radio is in use. I would have much rather seen a dedicated switch instead of a button.

Use Channel airtfonics for your left elevator and use channel 7 for your right elevator. Newsletters Archive. Options Active or Inoperative. AI-DIF Aileron Differential – Changes the total amount of throw up and down to both aileron servos independently to help stop a bad yaw. And indeed, when everything is removed you will find the RDS Transmitter, 2. Does not include servos or receiver battery. The transmitter and receiver will be bound together when they are received so performing the binding process should not need to be done on a new radio system.

Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals

After I thought about this some I decided that Airtronics might have just hit on a fantastic idea for marketing radios. Airtronics radios only have a 3-character model-naming field.

D-EL – Dual Elevator Your RDS offers a feature that will allow you to use 2 independent channels so you can use 2 seprate servos for each elevator half. After a little bit of experimenting I found that the easiest way to mount them in the fuselage was to cut two small pieces of clear antenna tubing and attach them with CA to the top of the fuselage. So when this radio was offered to me to review it was a “no-brainer” to have them send it to me!

Rds800 find this very limiting and at times a bit confusing. Aircraft Advanced Menu Structure.